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Show space:

aggr show_space -h


List vfilers. The -r flag displays all IPs and storage assigned to the matching vfilers.

vfiler status

Change to a different vfiler:

vfiler context vfiler-2

Return the context of the CLI to the default vfiler context:

vfiler context vfiler0

Initiator Groups

Displays the nodes in an initiator group:

igroup show

Create a new iSCSI initiator group called “DB_SERVERS” for Windows ostype on a default vfiler:

igroup create -i -t windows DB_SERVERS

The ostypes of initiators are solaris, windows, hpux, aix, netware, xen, hyper_v, vmware, and linux.

Add initiator to the “DB_SERVERS” group:

igroup add DB_SERVERS

Remove initiator from the “DB_SERVERS” group:

igroup remove DB_SERVERS

By default, if lun maps exist for the initiator group, the node is not removed from the group.

The -f option can be used to force the removal.


Print the status of all volumes (while in vfiler context):

vol status -l

Create a 270GB FlexVol volume with thin provisioning:

vol create VOL-NAME -s none aggr1_sas 270g

Display the size of a flexible volume:

vol size VOL-NAME

Increase the size of a flexible volume by 50GB:

vol size VOL-NAME +50g

Automatically grow by 10GB increments to max of 320GB:

vol autosize VOL-NAME -m 320g -i 10g on

Automatically delete older snapshot copies:

snap autodelete VOL-NAME on

Disable access time update on a volume:

vol options VOL-NAME no_atime_update on

Disable snapshots for a volume:

snap sched VOL-NAME 0 0 0
snap reserve VOL-NAME 0

To delete a volume, put it offline first:

vol offline VOL-NAME

And then delete:

vol destroy VOL-NAME

Print verbose status of a volume:

vol status VOL-NAME -v

Add a volume to vfiler-2:

vfiler add vfiler-2 /vol/VOL-NAME


Display LUNs (this shows sizes of LUNs):

lun show

Display a table listing of lun_path to initiator group to LUN ID mappings:

lun show -m

Create a new 270GB lun with Linux ostype:

lun create -s 270g -t linux /vol/VOL-NAME/LUN-NAME.lun

Display verbose information about the LUN:

lun show -v /vol/VOL-NAME/LUN-NAME.lun

Disable the space reservation on a LUN:

lun set reservation /vol/VOL-NAME/LUN-NAME.lun disable

Make a LUN accessible to initiators in the “DB_SERVERS” group:

lun map -f /vol/VOL-NAME/LUN-NAME.lun DB_SERVERS

Increase the size of a LUN by 5GB:

lun resize /vol/VOL-NAME/LUN-NAME +5G


Break SnapMirror to extend a volume and resync afterwards.

Check status of the mirror:

FAS-DR> snapmirror status -l VOL_NAME_SnapMirror

Put the mirror into an idle state:

FAS-DR> snapmirror quiesce VOL_NAME_SnapMirror

Temporarily break the mirror to make the volume read/writeable:

FAS-DR> snapmirror break VOL_NAME_SnapMirror

Extend the prod and the DR volumes:

FAS-DR> vol options VOL_NAME_SnapMirror fs_size_fixed off
FAS-DR> vol size VOL_NAME_SnapMirror +10g
FAS-DR> vol options VOL_NAME_SnapMirror fs_size_fixed on
FAS> vol size VOL_NAME +10g

Resync the mirror:

FAS-DR> snapmirror resync -n -S NA1:VOL_NAME NA1-DR:VOL_NAME_SnapMirror

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