Fix Boot MBR in Windows 7

I use a dual boot laptop with Linux OS installed on SSD (Grub2 bootloader on a separate /boot partition) and Windows OS on HDD. All was fine up until recently, when my SSD crashed and stopped working. Completely.

The Problem

It’s been a year (read full 12 months) I had my OCZ Vertex 2 SSD running, and sooner or later it had to die. It’s not a secret that with some SSDs the lifespan ends up being less than a year, depending on the quality and the usage of the drive, therefore I’m glad mine lasted for such a fair amount of time.

So, since the bootloader was gone together with SSD, all I’ve got after booting my laptop was the reasonable error message: “Operating System not found”.

Fix MBR with Windows 7 DVD

While I wait for my SSD replacement to arrive, I’m going to fix an MBR for Windows to be able to load. The procedure is as simple as below.

Insert Windows 7 DVD and boot laptop from it. Click on “Repair your computer“, pick “Command Prompt” from options.

Enter the following commands one at a time:

> bootrec /fixmbr
> bootrec /fixboot

Restart the PC.

2 thoughts on “Fix Boot MBR in Windows 7

  1. My hard drive is dead …(Maxtor Diamond Max Plus9 120 gb)
    When I try reinstall mikrotik i have error
    could not read MBR : input/output error
    Fatall error : mke2fs failed
    What is expirience with mikrotik in this situation ?

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