Install Kivy 1.8 on Debian Wheezy

Kivy is an Open source Python library for rapid development of applications.


# apt-get install pkg-config python-setuptools python-pygame python-opengl \
python-gst0.10 python-enchant gstreamer0.10-plugins-good python-dev \
build-essential libgl1-mesa-dev libgles2-mesa-dev python-pip wget

Do not install Cython 0.21. It does not work with Kivy 1.8. Install Cython 0.20:

# pip install -I cython==0.20

Download Kivy tarball from here:

$ wget
$ tar xvfz Kivy-1.8.0.tar.gz && cd ./Kivy-1.8.0

Build Kivy:

$ python build_ext --inplace -f

Install Kivy:

# python install

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