Passed EX415 Security

The last one to attain RHCA.

EX415 Exam Experience

I took an individual exam that was based on RHEL 7.5. I had a minor network issue at the start of the exam, but it went away and luckily, made no impact.

The task list is sufficient for a 4 hour exam, but it isn’t the most challenging one. I feel that knowing Ansible and Satellite helped me a great deal. Also, EX415 is the exam where it can take more time to test and verify the solution than to implement it.

The exam score came back 235/300.

The result is fair. I solved all questions, some in full, some not so much. The exam score reflects that.

Exam Preparation in Numbers

The exam objectives cover several different topics, I spent around 45 hours going through the course and studying documentation (SELinux and auditd have a lot of material), and 40 hours labbing.

I’m not new to LUKS, but NBDE with Tang and Clevis was something that I spent a fair share of time looking into.

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