Passed EX220 Hybrid Cloud Management

The OpenStack management part was fun.

EX280 Exam Experience

I took an individual exam that was based on CloudForms 4.

In short, EX220 is a 2-hour exam, but that’s plenty of time to solve all questions. It isn’t a difficult exam because the majority of things are configured using a web UI. It also doesn’t go that deep into utilising the tool to its full potential (e.g. Ansible integration and OpenSCAP are not part of the exam objectives).

I believe there was a problem with my lab environment during the exam, hence the low score, but I’m happy I passed.

The exam score 247/300.

Exam Preparation

I’ve used ~20 lab hours on RHLS, including the CL220 course.

8 thoughts on “Passed EX220 Hybrid Cloud Management

  1. Congratulations Tomas! Not a bad score either.
    Passed mine today. I found the 2 hours sufficient to complete tasks.
    Understanding how the technology works and hands-on lab time are essential preparation.

    • Hi Tomas.

      Did you have to pay additional costs for 6th and 7th exam after you spent 5 primary attempts or were all your 7 exams used from one rhls?


    • Hi Karol, I did not have to pay anything extra, it was included in my RHLS.

      I believe that Red Hat have recently enforced the rules where you can only take 5 exams and 2 retakes.

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