High Availability Pacemaker Cluster Monitoring

We’re going to configure cluster email notifications on RHEL 7.


The ocf:pacemaker:ClusterMon resource can monitor the cluster status and trigger alerts on each cluster event. The resource agent can execute an external program to send an email notification by using the extra_options parameter.

The following script /usr/local/bin/cluster_email.sh will send an email on every resource change. You should use it for testing the resource creation only, as it will fill up your mailbox. You have been warned.

MAIL_TO="[email protected]";
MESSAGE="Cluster even triggered on $(hostname)";
echo "$MESSAGE"|mailx -s "$SUBJECT" "$MAIL_TO";

To create a cloned cluster resource that runs on all nodes, do the following:

# pcs resource add clustermail ClusterMon \
  extra_options="-E /usr/local/bin/cluster_email.sh" \

It’s important to understand that in this case, the script and the mailx command must be installed on all cluster nodes.

More info about the resource:

# pcs resource describe ClusterMon
# man ocf_pacemaker_ClusterMon
# less /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/pacemaker/ClusterMon


The ocf:heartbeat:MailTo resource notifies recipients by email in the event of resource takeover. The resource agent requires the mailx command installed on all cluster nodes.

To create a resource, do the following:

# pcs resource create clustermail MailTo \
  email="[email protected]" \
  subject="Cluster notification"

If required, the resource can be added to a resource group.

More info about the resource:

# pcs resource describe MailTo
# man ocf_heartbeat_MailTo
# less /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/MailTo

To test email notifications, migrate a cluster resource from one node to another.



4 thoughts on “High Availability Pacemaker Cluster Monitoring

  1. Hello Lisenet, thank you for this content, this site is always full of great resources.
    Is ClusterMon now superseded by “alert” feature? Like in “pcs alert create myalert”?
    It looks like official documentation does not cover anymore ClusterMon and the subject is only mentioned because alerts are somehow compatible with crm mon external commands.

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