Passed EX403 Deployment and Systems Management with Satellite

Four down, one to go!

EX403 Exam Experience

The EX403K has been retired from the available exams list temporary as Red Hat’s Koala stations in London and Manchester need to be upgraded to reach the technical specifications for this exam. As a result, I opted in for a classroom exam on Satellite 6.2.

The task list is quite sufficient for a 4 hour exam. It should come as no surprise, but some tasks take time. If you use Satellite, you know what I mean.

I started the exam by spending 10 minutes reading all questions, and making a plan to avoid shooting myself in the foot. This helped a great deal, because I was able to work on one thing while waiting for another one to complete.

The exam score came back 265/300.

I’m more or less happy with the result. One of the exam questions really got me good, and it took me around 40 minutes to partially solve it. I knew I would drop points because of this, but I was also certain that it’s not the task that would fail the exam. Ironically, towards the end of the exam I figured out the solution, but there wasn’t enough time left to safely implement and test it.

If you are planning on taking the Satellite exam, then double check everything. A simple typo can cost you a lot of time if you need to redo things. It’s one of those exams where you have to perform certain tasks in a specific order. There is no other way around it. Therefore making a plan at the start of the exam is essential.

Exam Preparation in Numbers

I’m not new to Satellite, I’ve been using it for some time now.

I spent around 15 hours studying, and over 50 hours labbing before I took the exam. I’ll be honest and admit that a good portion of that time was spent waiting on Satellite installation, repository sync and PXE provisioning!

9 thoughts on “Passed EX403 Deployment and Systems Management with Satellite

  1. Hi!
    I have never used this product, but I want to try on it to pass the exam, is it a difficult exam?

  2. Hi Tomas,
    question about RHCA,

    your first exam you pass it on dec 2018
    your fifth exam you pass it on jan. 2020.

    What is the range of your RHCA?
    is it jan2020-jan2023?
    dec 2018 – dec 2021?

    • Your RHCA will be valid from the date you passed your first RHCA exam. In your example that would be December 2018.

  3. What happen after you got RHCA? Did the redhat contacted you? Like asking you to work for them? Etc? Aside self fulfilment and career advancement. What happen after RHCA?

    • Red Hat did contact me to be honest with you, however, whether that was RHCA related or not I can’t tell.

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