Passed EX407 Ansible Automation

Going from no Ansible experience to passing the exam in two months.

EX407 Exam Experience

I took an individual exam that was based on Ansible 2.7. I had no problems with the laptop, its performance or networking.

The exam is fair. It’s not easy, but not as challenging as the Puppet one. I say that for two reasons: Ansible documentation is awesome if you know how to use it, and you have 4 hours to complete all tasks. Compared to Puppet where you are limited to 3 hours only, an extra hour for Ansible gives you some breathing space.

The exam score came back 300/300.

I didn’t expect this to be honest, as I was almost certain that I dropped points in two places. I had one WTF? moment that caught me off guard. And then there was a task that I thought was ambiguous to some degree. Chances are I was simply overthinking it.

To put my exam preparation in numbers, I spent over 50 hours studying (an hour a day for the past couple of months), and at least the same amount of time homelabbing. I didn’t know Ansible before, so it took me some time to get into it.

What’s Next?

I’m glad that I’m done with Ansible, at least for now. Writing playbooks day in, day out takes a toll on you.

I’m going back to the comfort zone for my next exam, which will be EX403 Satellite 6.

8 thoughts on “Passed EX407 Ansible Automation

    • Thank you. When I planned my RHCA studies back in 2018, I put down 40 hours for studies, and 40 hours for homelabbing for each RHCA exam.

      This way it’s realistic to do one RHCA exam a month while spending 2 hours a day studying.

  1. Hello, my congratulations! What material was used?
    With the update of the RHCE exams, do you think it is worth to take the EX407 or wait for the new exams?

    • Hey, thank you! I used official Red Hat training as well as Ansible documentation from

      With regards to RHCE, it depends. If you have RHCE already, then go for EX407. If you don’t have RHCE and plan on getting one soon (the next couple of months), then I’d say go for RHEL7 version, and then do EX407.

      If you plan on getting RHCE later this year, then it makes sense to wait for the RHEL 8 version.

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